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Business Partner Referral Program 

Purpose & Process

This program is to aim at generating more customers for both Antai and your own business! Only four easy steps: 

1. Send/mail us your marketing materials, including introductory brochures, flyers, etc.
2. After receiving the materials, we will put them onto our front desk, worktable and places that visitors can easily reach.
3. Once our customers express a certain need that you, our business partner, can solve, we will kindly refer them to you.
4. In return, do the same for us. 

Tracking & Rewards

For each valid lead, we will assign you 1 Antai point. If the lead becomes our customer, we will give you an additional 5 Antai points. If you earn enough points, you can redeem your rewards from the following categories. At the end of each quarter, we will email you how many Antai points you've earned. On the other hand, we won't ask for any rewards on the leads that we refer to you. 

Ping An Points Prize Alternate Prize
50 7-set Deluxe Quilt Bluetooth Earphone
100 iPad Mini Laser Printer
200 3 Day Mexico Cruise 3 Day Tahoe Trip
350 7 Day Alaska Cruise Google Glass
550 10 Day European Trip 10 Day Trip to China 

Notice: Business partner who fails at anytime to engage in referral activity for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months (one year) is subject to forfeiture of all accrued Antai points as of the last day of the 12th month. For any questions, please contact (626)-454-6666 or email

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